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A portfolio of brands that are household favorites across the world. Now yours.

A portfolio of products that come from brands across Italy, France, Australia, Greece, UK and many others. These brands bring decades of traditions and quality to your kitchen. With newer flavors, textures and products to explore, your dishes can now access a new dimension of sensory pleasure.

These products are available in sizes for HORECA, Home Chefs, Home Bakers, and enthusiasts. With our store, we aim to increase accessibility of these products throughout the country.


DODONI was founded in the city of Ioannina more than half a century ago. Back then it was a small pasteurization unit, which initially served exclusively the needs of the residents of Ioannina, collecting cow milk from small regional farms. Today, half a century later, DODONI has become one of the leading dairies in Greece, and the market leader in P.D.O Feta cheese. With over 100% of Greek milk and the purest raw ingredients, DODONI has been creating original dairy products for 57 years, such as the famous feta with the stamp of the company’s trademark, yogurt, yellow cheese and many others that stand out for their rich flavor. All the products of DODONI, certify the credibility and authenticity of its wonderful taste, the Taste of Good.


Whichever Arla dairy product is your favourite, you can be sure that it comes from a farmer-owned dairy company and that it is carefully handled by the dedicated team at Arla which is passionate about bringing milk's natural goodness to you and your family. Because we’re owned by the same farmers who produce our milk, we know everything we need to know - every step of the way. That’s why you can be sure that Arla dairy products are based on cows’ milk of a very high quality. As a farmer-owned company, we are committed to high standards of animal welfare, product quality and food safety. Our quality programme is called Arlagården®. It gives us a long-term perspective for farm management and is our way of ensuring the quality of the products you enjoy.


A century of experience, tradition and passion for Italian cheeses: knowing how to produce genuine cheeses of days gone by on an industrial scale is a challenge overcome on a daily basis thanks to investment in the region, in 100% Italian local milk suppliers, in infrastructures and technologies, in respect for tradition and safety regulations, in the control of all phases of production. Zanetti Spa is now an Italian and global leader in the production of Italian cheeses, in compliance with the standards set by PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). Among the excellences of the Zanetti brand, the real commercial strength of this company stands out among the great PDOs together with a wide range of references: GRANA PADANO, PARMIGIANO REGGIANO AND PROVOLONE VALPADANA


For 35 years, Bridor creates and manufactures high quality European bakery products adapted to the North American market. It’s part of our cultural heritage, and every country has its own lively and unique bakery culture that gets passed down from generation to generation. Between tradition and modern techniques, both locally and globally, recipes intersect and get reinvented to align with what consumers want. Together, let’s share bakery’s best talents and cultures, bringing the finest products to every table in more than 100 countries all around the world. That’s Bridor’s mission.


The idea for the Collier’s brand was sparked by Wales’ proud industrial heritage. Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar’s characteristics are those of the Welsh coal miners: reliability, power and integrity. Collier’s founder’s grandfather was a miner. As a child our founder was struck by the strength of the mining community and the sense of camaraderie from the miners who worked in such harsh, dangerous conditions. Cheese was an important part of the miners’ diet. It was nutritious, tasty, simple to pack, with no waste. It was the ideal food to sustain miners as they worked below ground for many hours at a time. Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar is a tribute to Wales’ proud mining tradition and a reflection of today’s appreciation of quality and taste.


Landana is a delicious Dutch cheese of distinction, loved for its unique, creamy flavor, incredible quality and wide range of flavorful varieties. Landana cheeses are prepared using time-tested cheese makers' traditions. The art of cheese making has been handed down from generation to generation; methodology has changed very little over time. The secret to our incomparable, natural and smooth taste is the creamiest of milk, taken from healthy Dutch cows. Landana provides the consumer with the traditional art of Dutch cheese making, and tastes the way a traditional, well-made cheese should. The wide range of Landana cheeses offers top quality cheese made from cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk in a variety of flavors achieved by maturation and/or the addition of fine herbs. For people who are health conscious Landana also offers delicious light cheeses.


The Beretta Group has been committed to producing the best Italian products for more than 200 years. Passion for quality since 1812. The commitment of eight generations to the unique taste of fine Italian cured meats is the secret of a company that continually innovates in response to the diverse needs of an evolving market and its consumers. This passion is backed up by the family's commitment, the expertise and professionalism of all its collaborators, and the continually refined quality that shines through in every Beretta product. The company has always invested in the production of PDO and PGI cured meats and is now one of the leaders in Italian food production. Beretta is present in almost all European and non-European countries and is one of the most active and important Italian food exporters.


Your Masterpiece, Our Pride - It’s all about fulfilling your ideas, and what you can accomplish with your creativity. Proudly presenting Pâtissier Chocolate, a premier range that offers chefs and gourmet artisans the power to inspire and delight even the most demanding food lover. From meticulous selection of the best cocoa worldwide to an over 150-years old process and state-of-art technology, Pâtissier provides consistent yet creative blends in all its chocolate ingredients fulfilling your desire to create the most irresistible masterpiece. By bringing pride and joy to those who appreciate uniqueness and reliability in all forms of chocolate creation, Pâtissier Chocolate fills the gourmet world with confidence and success.


Rima PLC is a family-owned company, founded in 1971 by Ludo Leys. The company specializes in the delivery of beef and pork of high standards on the national market. Throughout the years Rima has stretched out this quality idea for quick-frozen products on the international market too. Meat processing companies, wholesalers, butchers, ... we look after the interests of every client. Throughout the year we offer you the best services for all our fresh products. electing the best animals, controlling nutrition, housing, the wellness of the animals, and so on is our guarantee for tasteful and lean meat. Next to an own integration, Rima also owns an own abattoir, the EEG abattoir Mechelen. This way we control the chain from the beginning till the end.


Lactima is a processed cheese producer from Poland. Our factory is based in Morag, in a Warmian – Masurian province, known as a thousand lakes area. As the first Polish company ever to produce individually wrapped slices, since 1989 we managed to successfully develop our products range to meet our customer needs and cover all sales channels. Moreover slices, portions, spreads in cups, pouches and bars are available in many different tastes and formats. We also have cream cheese products, butter and margarine in small cups in our portfolio.


Apetina® is a global everyday cooking/cheese brand, sold in more than 30 countries. Based on fresh, natural and flavourful ingredients, this high-quality range brings inspiration and experimentation into the kitchen. While Apetina is mainly known for its large assortment of white cheese, the Apetina portfolio comprise a broad range of versatile cheeses, including shredded cheese, paneer, halloumi and cream cheese. Apetina is a popular addition to both hot and cold dishes; the perfect partner for your favourite veggies.


Castello is a heritage and tradition of creative cheese making. Innovative new cheeses, dozens of varieties, intriguing flavours & unusual shapes - all that tell their own unique story. We have the expertise of artisan cheese makers and traditional production methods to develop our range of cheeses. Each cheese is made at a single dairy, which specialized in the production of that particular cheese. Since 1893 Castello® has brought a balance of innovation and tradition to the art of cheese making. Castello® cheeses cover a wide range of traditional regional recipes and our own unique crafted cheeses, always made with natural ingredients and great attention to detail. We pride ourselves on the continuous passion for discovery and cheese making heritage shown by Rasmus Tholstrup and all our other master cheese-makers to this day. We've never been content to just make the standard cheeses, but instead have tried to be creative by using ingredients and techniques from all over the world, giving each cheese a unique flavour and texture.


Theo Bauwens nv is a more than 100 year old family-owned and run company, being one of Europe's leading producers of cooked meat products. Theo Bauwens nv has the ambition of staying an important player in European cooked meat products manufacturing. The traditional values characterizing our family business are to be maintained: quality, flexibility and competitiveness, together with direct decision lines, a high degree of specialization and constant renewal of the infrastructure. This way we can perpetuate our position in an ever changing and globalising market. As a mature and professional company we can not rest assured.We grow, build up new markets, and maintain our efforts for constant renewal and adjustment to modern needs of our production lines as well as our products.This combined with our flexibility and service, guarantee that we are a trustworthy and much appreciated partner, producing an exquisite assortment of traditional and also innovative delicate cooked meat products.


It wasn’t until 1957 that Lurmark Danish Butter became the Lurpak® that we know and love today. Ever since Denmark began inviting other countries to try its butter, it has remained a staple ingredient of kitchens all over the world. From frying and baking, to roasting and spreading, Lurpak® is now sold in more than 75 countries and supported by growing number of loyal fans who deserve the best premium butter and nothing less. When it comes to creating the subtle taste of Lurpak®, we combine traditional methods with state-of-the-art technology. Unmistakably fresh, ever-so-slightly aromatic Lurpak®. Perfect for cooking, baking, spreading and just about anything you want to make in the kitchen.

Wyke Farms

We've been family farming in the heart of Somerset for over 150 years. And making award-winning cheddar to our Grandmother Ivy's secret recipe for generations. A few things have changed since Ivy made her first blocks of cheddar. But our family is still as passionate about providing your family with delicious, traditional Farmhouse Cheddar. Our family has been following farming traditions in the heart of Somerset for generations. With its mild climate and lush, green pastures for grazing, it’s the best place to make Cheddar.


A range of price fighting commodity foodservice cheeses for everyday ingredient use.

El Pastor

Quesos El Pastor was born in 1967 as a humble family cheese factory. Today, 50 years later, it is a clear benchmark in the production of quality cheese. The company, founded in 1967 by the brothers Lorenzo, Salvador and Domingo, is currently managed by Marco Rodríguez, the second generation of the family. The tireless work of the entire team of Quesos El Pastor has been recognized by numerous prizes and awards. In this way, the tenacity and effort of each and every person who is part of this great family is valued. This great team pampers the quality of the products and puts them on the market in the most appropriate way. Every detail of the process is taken care of, in order to satisfy the needs of the consumer.


Since its foundation in La Garrotxa in 1962, Pirene has maintained intense activity to provide a broad range of quality deli meats, with which it has gained Spanish and international prestige. MISSION - Manufacture deli meats by applying cutting-edge technology and maintaining the tradition and savoir faire built over the years. Provide differentiated products to consumers. VISION - Identify consumer needs and adapt to the market opportunities at any given time, making sure that our products evolve. Innovate on a daily basis so that our customers are fully satisfied.